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3 reasons why I choose colored surgical masks

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Fall has been underway since early September. Considering the trend of daily infected last year, we need to pay attention to the potential explosion of the number infected in the coming months. Going out with a mask on becomes a part of our daily lives and we have become accustomed to it.

In order to meet the need of consumers, we have introduced Macaron and Macaron S series, whose masks are all IIR type, at a unit price of 0,20€.

What are some reasons why we choose colored surgical masks?

1, Match the color to your look.

Since the colors of surgical masks are mainly those -- blue and white, which, as a rule, are not matched to our look -- I'll give an example to explain myself better: for someone who wears black clothes, a white mask seems too obvious; similarly for a blond who dresses with care, a mask that is too classic completely ruins his sophistication in dressing.

abbina il tuo colore al tuo look, mascherine chirurgiche colorate

    2, Safety

    It should always be kept in mind that colored surgical masks, in addition to their aesthetic function, also have a protective function. The colored surgical masks, as they cost more than the classic colors, tend to use the most accurate raw materials, therefore, in most cases, they are safer than those classic colors.

    3 strati protettivi mascherine chirurgiche colorate

      3, Colorations and dyes

      The colorations of the Macaron and Macaron S series, with Macaron designated for adults, and Macaron S designated for children, are carefully chosen: they are aesthetic, appropriate, and well-dyed. Unlike poorly dyed surgical masks, among which we cannot deny the possibility of there being beautiful surgical masks as well, the dyeing of our masks is only on the outer TNT layer, and does not reach the middle layer, ensuring maximum protective functionality.

      colori macaron, mascherine chirurgiche colorate


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