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6 things to know after receiving the anti-covid vaccine

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Since a week Italy becomes all white, by now we do not hear more discussion on ''vaccine yes or vaccine no'', and I think most of us have already received at least the first dose of anti-covid vaccines, but it is better that we do a little review on the things that we must do after the vaccine.

1.When will I be protected after getting the vaccine?

If you have taken Pfizer, you have to wait 3 weeks between the first and second dose, 4 in the case of Moderna.Pfizer's vaccine provides full immunity starting 7 days after the administration of the second dose, and Moderna's vaccine at least after 14 days.

2.Side effects after the vaccine.

Like most vaccines, the anti-covid19 vaccine has side effects after administration. These reactions are common and not severe. According to data from the Italian Medicines Agency (Aifa), out of 1,564,090 doses administered as of February 4, 7,337 reports concerning the manifestation of various reactions were registered, more than 90% of which were related to mild reactions such as pain at the injection site, slight fever, fatigue, headache, etc.

3.Positivity after the vaccine

It is possible that both symptoms and positivity appear after the first dose, as it is fundamental to remember that immunity would be achieved only a few days after the administration of the 2nd dose of vaccine, therefore the infection that appears in the first ones cannot be attributed to the lack of protection of the vaccine. In any case, none of the available vaccines (even for other diseases, not only Covid) is 100% effective, so some vaccinated - in low percentages - may develop Covid-19 (especially if the infection index is still particularly high, and therefore the virus circulates widely among the population) even after the second dose.

4. Vaccinated and immune

How effective is the vaccine against Covid-19? The efficacy of vaccines is very high but not total (take into account the delta variant), which translates into uncertainty about the immunity of vaccinated subjects, so even if we have received all two doses, we will always have to maintain all previous measures. There is an additional variable to consider at this time, which is the circulation of new Coronavirus variants, against which vaccines are still largely effective.

5. Protective Devices

Even once vaccinated, one will not be able to immediately return to pre-pandemic life. It is important to emphasize that vaccinated people can transmit the virus as well as unvaccinated people, so the invitation to wear masks always remains, regardless of whether outdoors or indoors. Data have emerged indicating an almost tenfold increase in viral load in Delta cases compared to other variants.

6. Duration of immunity

Immunity, according to studies on vaccines available today against Covid-19, can last a few months, in particular at least 6 months, although it is hoped that it can last much longer. For this reason, the World Health Organization recommends that those who have been cured of covid receive 6 months post-cure, meaning those who have already developed the specific antibodies that provide protection for the calculated time interval.


Taking into account the delta variant, the vaccine cannot protect us 100%. We still need to wear masks and maintain social distancing.


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