FAYYIA 30 Pezzi Mascherine Chirurgiche Colorate Made In Italy CE – FAYYIA Mascherine Chirurgiche e FFP2

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FAYYIA 30 Pieces NEW MOON Colored Masks, Surgical Masks Made In Italy CE Type IIR

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Measurements: 17cm Width x 9.5cm Height

Made In Italy

FAYYIA Technology protects > 98% from the virus. It is scientifically certified!

Medical Device ( DM ) Class I Type IIR. Complies with all EU standards.

Packaging: Inside the box are packed in sachets of 10 pieces.

Safety: Free from toxic metals such as silver and copper, the mask is certified non-toxic and safe to use.

Comfort: TNT fabric. Odorless, with adjustable elastics and noseband for a perfect fit.

Style: Available in black and Bombay blue.

Lifespan: Disposable surgical masks with an 8-hour shelf life. Over 98% bacterial filtration, virus protection and comfort. And free of toxic metals.

The FAYYIA mask has been independently tested and found to be the best in its class.

You can find our certifications on the site!

CE CERTIFICATION (Downloadable): See CE Certification FAYYIA

FFP2 CERTIFICATION (Downloadable): See FFP2 Certification FAYYIA

TEST REPORT (Downloadable): See Test Report FAYYIA


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