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1 Piece Washable Made In Italy Cotton Mask

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PM 2.5 compatible filters sold separately.

Washable mask with a more elastic and stretchable mesh to best fit the shape of your face. The ergonomic design of these washable, molded masks keep it well positioned on your face, even during long conversations.

These washable masks use Dryarn yarn that makes it 30% lighter and 20% more breathable than other fibers. It regulates breathability and doesn't unbalance the thermoregulation system while keeping skin dry. An insulating and breathable barrier, warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months. Ideal for staying in continuous contact with your skin for hours.

These washable masks are made in Italy. Sterilized with steam before packaging - Not a medical device.

We care about the full satisfaction of our customers especially in this difficult period for us Italians. We guarantee a refund if you are dissatisfied with your purchase, at any time and without having to provide any explanation. Why not try these cotton masks?

CE CERTIFICATION (Downloadable): See CE Certification FAYYIA

FFP2 CERTIFICATION (Downloadable): See FFP2 Certification FAYYIA

TEST REPORT (Downloadable): See Test Report FAYYIA

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