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20 Pieces Reusable Mask Filters

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Professional materials: dust mask replacement filter material, non-woven fabric, activated carbon cloth. Soft and gentle, disposable every day without precaution.

Innovative five-layer protection: the first layer of cloth filters micron level dust. The second layer filters industrial pollutants, automotive exhaust, secondhand smoke and pollen allergens. The third layer of activated carbon filters out micron-level dust. The fourth layer provides filter density for smaller material. The 5th layer of spunbond cloth filters all kinds of harmful substances.

Powerful filtering effect: compatible with most dust masks available on the market. Approximately 98% of pollen is extinguished. Mask filters prevent airborne particles, dust, seasonal allergies, smog, pollution, ash, garden pollen, etc.

Wide range of applications: used in conjunction with a mask to protect against dust, vehicle emissions, PM2.5 and smog.

CE CERTIFICATION (Downloadable): See CE Certification FAYYIA

FFP2 CERTIFICATION (Downloadable): See FFP2 Certification FAYYIA

TEST REPORT (Downloadable): See Test Report FAYYIA

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