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FAYYIA ITALIAN MEDICAL company and other NON-MEDICAL producers

FAYYIA unlike many other manufacturers of masks, which produce in derogation and then can produce until the ministry does not declare the end of the emergency, is a company MEDICAL CERTIFIED for the product, the production process, that the production environment, must necessarily submit to stringent requirements MEDICAL, which to ensure a high and superior quality of the product and the production process, are necessarily more expensive and are verified and validated annually by third parties, unlike the producers of derogation that are self-certified.


FAYYIA masks are a MEDICAL DEVICE, Class 1, type IIR, EN 14683, MADE IN ITALY, disposable, with 4 and 3 layers of filtering soft TNT. Produced with Italian materials of the highest quality, in a CERTIFIED MEDICAL ENVIRONMENT, with cleanliness, hygiene and controlled atmosphere.

Odorless and contaminant-free

On the market there are many masks produced by non-medical Italian and foreign companies, an important percentage of these masks contain residues of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, as well as giving off a foul and unpleasant odor, indicative of poor industrial practices or subsequent contamination.

FAYYIA masks, being produced by a medical company, with a MEDICAL certified production process are FREE OF CONTAMINANTS and ODOR-FREE.

High protection against infectious agents
FAYYIA masks, in addition to being odorless and contaminant-free, are designed to minimize the transmission of INFECTIVE AGENTS from the nose and mouth. FAYYIA masks have an excellent bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) higher than 99% (F3) and 99.6% (F4) which means a risk of residual viral load, for F3 5 TIMES LOWER and for F4 12 TIMES LOWER than a common surgical mask with a BFE of 95%.

Particularly SOFT and COMFORTABLE. In addition to being fresh and ultra-light, they are hypoallergenic and have very comfortable and resistant elastics, perfectly conformable nose pads for BETTER PROTECTION FROM PATHOGENS and to reduce fogging of the glasses and excellent breathability. Perfect for anyone who has to wear it for a long time.

You'll hardly notice you're wearing them
Safeguard your health
Safeguard your HEALTH and that of your loved ones: choose FAYYIA's high quality.
FAYYIA, as a company specialized in the medical devices sector, is obliged to comply with stringent regulations that require, among other things, the production in controlled atmosphere and the strict and documented traceability of all products.


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