FAYYIA 50 Pezzi Mascherine Chirurgiche Bambini Colorate Made In Italy CE – FAYYIA Mascherine Chirurgiche e FFP2

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✅ High Protection Quality Materials
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✅ Graphene-Free Masks

FAYYIA 50 Pieces MULTI5 Children Masks, Colored Masks Made In Italy CE Type IIR

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Measurements: 14.5cm Width x 9.5cm Height

Made In Italy

FAYYIA Technology protects > 98% from the virus. Scientifically certified!

3-layer surgical mask with adjustable elastic bands and moldable nose bar for children 4 years and older.

Medical Device ( DM ) Class I Type IIR. Complies with all EU standards.

Packaging: Inside the box they are packaged in bags of 10 pieces.

Elegant: The Italian TNT fabric with antiviral technology of FAYYIA. Available in different colors, full of choices.

Safety: Free from toxic metals such as silver and copper, the mask is certified non-toxic and safe to use.

Comfort: TNT fabric. Odorless, with adjustable elastic bands and noseband for a perfect fit.

Style: Special edition colors and prints that make wearing a mask more fun!

The FAYYIA mask has been independently tested and found to be the best in its class.

You can find our certifications on the site!

CE CERTIFICATION (Downloadable): See CE Certification FAYYIA

FFP2 CERTIFICATION (Downloadable): See FFP2 Certification FAYYIA

TEST REPORT (Downloadable): See Test Report FAYYIA


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